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A Missional Community is a community of Christ followers committed to making disciples. A Missional Community is so much more than a weekly meeting. MC’s are committed to accomplishing Jesus’ mission of being and making disciples by living out their gospel identity as Family, Servants, and Missionaries. MC’s gather together throughout the week at different times to live out these rhythms as they seek to make disciples of either a neighborhood or a network of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Small Groups?

No we do not. We believe that Missional Communities are the most effective way to accomplish Jesus’ mission of being and making disciples. MC’s do share meals together, study the Scriptures, and care for each other just as a traditional small group would, but they go beyond that by intentionally loving their neighbors and serving their city in order to reach those who are far from God.

How big are the MC’s?

Most MC’s are anywhere between 8-15 adults plus kids. We have found this to be the sweet spot for a healthy MC. Once an MC gets much bigger than this, we encourage the MC multiply in order to expand their influence and continue making disciples.

When do the MC’s meet?

Missional Communities are so much more than a weekly meeting. With that said, there are times they intentionally gather as a family to share meals, study Scripture, pray together, serve together, etc. Each MC determines their family rhythms based on their current season of life, and so different MC’s will gather at different times throughout the week.